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Working Group: Protocol for Case Handling

How to receive, process and report complaints and grievances?

The Working Group on Protocol for Case Handling has made significant progress in developing a set of deliverables that will help to improve the handling of complaints across the industry.

the deliverables

October 2023

• A list of objective criteria to approve any operator/IT solution. This list will be based on the requirements of the German Anti Trust Authority and will ensure that all operators are using a consistent and transparent approach to the approval of new solutions.

• A list and classification of complaints. This list will include a description of the different types of complaints that are received, as well as the rules on how to handle each case. This will help to ensure that all complaints are handled in a consistent and fair manner.

• A description of a case handling protocol. This protocol will provide a step-by-step guide on how to handle complaints, from the initial receipt of the complaint to the final resolution. This will help to ensure that all complaints are handled efficiently and effectively.

• A definition of case reporting criteria. This definition will specify the information that operators must collect and report on each complaint. This will help to ensure that the industry has a clear understanding of the nature and volume of complaints that are being received.

• An IT interface description. This description will specify the technical requirements for the exchange of data between operators. This will allow operators to share information about complaints in a secure and efficient manner.

• We propose first rules for updating the protocol and criteria lists.

• The protocol and criteria documents include indications where we expect that other countries and product scopes might need to adapt.

the deliverables

January 2024

• There is a written proposal for a process to update protocol and criteria over time.

• There is a recommendation on how and what to adapt for other countries and product scopes.

In addition to the deliverables listed above, the Working Group has agreed that operators participating in the project will have been selected by January 2024 for the launch of the appellando system (harmonized grievance mechanisms and access to remedy) in Spain. These operators will have agreed to adapt their procedures to include the protocol, classification of criteria, and requirements for interoperability. The operators have also signed a license agreement with the service company.

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