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Eight Collaborative Working Groups started

Following the request made during the two-day multi-stakeholder workshop in Madrid in June 2023, we are working on developing all the elements for a single sector-wide grievance mechanism framework for fresh fruit and vegetable supply chains from Spain.

Approximately 50 experts from 20 organisations – retailers, traders, Spanish producers and producer organisations, NGOs, and trade unions – began working together in these eight working groups:

Working Group: Legal

How to align and integrate all relevant legal requirements, in particular the new Spanish whistle blower protection law?

Working Group Meetings

Mon, Oct. 30 | 10am – 11am CET
Mon, Nov. 20 | 10am – 11am CET
Mon, Dec. 11 | 10am – 11am CET

Working Group Meetings

Mon, Oct. 30 | 3pm – 4pm CET
Mon, Nov. 20 | 3pm – 4pm CET
Mon, Dec. 11 | 3pm – 4pm CET

Working Group: Governance

Who shall decide what and when?

Working Group: Needs Assessment

How to meet the needs of all workers (rightsholders)?

Working Group Meetings

Tue, Oct. 31 | 10am – 11am CET
Tue, Nov. 21 | 10am – 11am CET
Tue, Dec. 12 | 10am – 11am CET

Working Group Meetings

Tue, Oct. 31 | 3pm – 4pm CET
Tue, Nov. 21 | 3pm – 4pm CET
Tue, Dec. 12 | 3pm – 4pm CET

Working Group: Supply Chain Transparency

How to balance transparency and confidentiality?

Working Group: Protocol for Case Handling

How to receive, process and report complaints and grievances?

Working Group Meetings

Tue, Oct. 31 | 11:15am – 12:15pm CET
Wed, Nov. 22 | 10am – 11am CET
Wed, Dec. 13 | 10am – 11am CET

Working Group Meetings

Thu, Nov. 2 | 1:45pm – 2:45pm CET
Wed, Nov. 22 | 3pm – 4pm CET
Wed, Dec. 13 | 3pm – 4pm CET

Working Group: Communication & Promotion

How to raise awareness and build trust among all stakeholders?

Working Group: Investigation

Who shall be eligible to investigate under which procedure?

Working Group Meetings

Thu, Nov. 2 | 3pm – 4:30pm CET
Thu, Nov. 23 | 10am – 11am CET
Thu, Dec. 14 | 10am – 11am CET

Working Group Meetings

Thu, Nov. 2 | 3pm – 4:30pm CET
Thu, Nov. 23 | 3pm – 4pm CET
Thu, Dec. 14 | 3pm – 4pm CET

Working Group: Remediation

Who shall be eligible to work on solutions for remediation under which procedure?

about the Spanish Project

Multi-Stakeholder Approach

All working groups meet virtually every two weeks. All are bilingual Spanish-English. Participating organizations include:

Albenfruit, ALDI Nord, ALDI SOUTH, Anecoop, AskYourTeam, Campina Verde, CCOO, Coexphal, CONVIVE – Fundación Cepaim, Driscoll’s, Eurogroup España Frutas y Verduras, Greenyard Fresh Spain, Huelva Acoge, Issara Institute, Kaufland, Lidl, Markant, Quality & Adviser, SanLucar Fruit, The Remedy Project, REWE and Ulula

Any expert with a distinct interest in the Spanish sector and experience in the topics is welcome to contact us and participate. Initial results will be presented at the Fruit Attraction trade fair in Madrid, 3–5 October 2023.

Why Germany-based retailers and why fresh fruit and vegetables from Spain?
Since January 2023, a new German legislation on supply chain due diligence (LkSG) has been in effect. It requires Germany-based buying groups with more than 3,000 employees (in Germany) to set up complaint procedures that are easily accessible for all workers in their respective supply chains, in particular to vulnerable groups such as migrant workers.

The initiating retailers from Germany and Switzerland chose the Spanish fresh fruit and vegetable sector as their first market – to develop a proof of concept – due to a combination of the large volume of fruit and vegetables purchased from Spain and the number of labor and environmental incidences reported in the media. In addition, Spanish suppliers have been very open and collaborative to the retailers’ request.