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Working Group: Remediation

Who shall be eligible to work on solutions for remediation under which procedure?

The Working Group Remediation has made significant progress in developing a set of deliverables that will help to improve the remediation of complaints across the industry.

the deliverables

October 2023

• A list of cases and circumstances that define how the costs for remediation shall be covered. This list will help to ensure that the costs of remediation are fair and transparent.

• A list of objective criteria to approve any remediator. This list will be based on the requirements of the German Anti Trust Authority and will ensure that all remediators are using a consistent and transparent approach to the remediation of complaints.

• A definition of a protocol for remediation with reference to Spain. This protocol will provide a step-by-step guide on how to remediate complaints, from the initial receipt of the complaint to the final resolution. This will help to ensure that all complaints are remediated efficiently and effectively.

• A list of criteria and samples where we encourage and/or require the collaboration of remediators. This list will help to ensure that remediations are conducted in a coordinated and efficient manner.

• We propose first rules for updating the remediation protocol.

• The remediation protocol includes indications where we expect that other countries and product scopes might need to adapt.

the deliverables

January 2024

• We have implemented a first version of a fit-for-purpose protocol for remediation, including rules for collaboration among different remediators.

• There is a written proposal for a process to update the remediation protocol and a recommendation, how and what to adapt for other countries and product scopes.

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