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Working Group: Needs Assessment

How to meet the needs of all workers (rightsholders)?

The Working Group Needs Assessment has made significant progress in developing a set of deliverables that will help to improve the understanding of the needs of workers across the industry.

the deliverables

October 2023

• A list of recommendations on which channels with which information works, which do not. This will help to ensure that the information about the appellando system (harmonized grievance mechanisms and access to remedy) is reaching the right people in the right way and we know which channels they prefer to use to address grievances.

• A target list of the relevant groups and their representation to collect sufficient feedback through interviews. This will help to ensure that the needs of all workers are being considered.

• A manual and questionnaire for the interviews, and the questionnaire has already been tested. This will help to ensure that the interviews are conducted in a consistent and effective manner.

• A list of successful approaches and a list of failures with reasons, that are collected from other grievance mechanism systems and worker survey services. This will help to form the design of the new appellando system.

the deliverables

January 2024

• The survey of all relevant groups has been completed. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of the needs of workers.

• A starting concept to approach and connect workers to the system and encourage them to raise a complaint if they need to. This will help to ensure that workers are aware of the appellando system and that they are encouraged to use it.

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