alliance for grievance mechanisms
in supply chains

Working Group: Supply Chain Transparency

How to balance transparency and confidentiality?

The Working Group Supply Chain Transparency has made significant progress in developing a set of deliverables that will help to improve the transparency of supply chains across the industry.

the deliverables

October 2023

• Agreement on the use of a “Global Farm ID” to identify any farm and site uniquely. This will help to ensure that all farms and operators are identifiable and traceable.

• Definition of the minimum requirements for traceability to connect the supply chain in cases of grievances. This will help to ensure that all stakeholders in the supply chain can be identified and contacted in the event of a complaint.

• Description of the necessary processes and rules, and how they can be monitored. This will help to ensure that the traceability system is effective and that the rules are being followed.

the deliverables

January 2024

• Implementation of a first version of a fit-for-purpose traceability system with adequate and agreed confidentiality rules. This will help to ensure that appropriate traceability systems are in place and that the confidentiality of data is protected.

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