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Working Group: Communication & Promotion

How to raise awareness and build trust among all stakeholders?

The Working Group Communication/Promotion has made significant progress in developing a set of deliverables that will help to improve the communication and promotion of the project across the industry.

the deliverables

October 2023

• A list of each target group, their information needs, and language. This list will help to ensure that the project’s communication is targeted and relevant to the different stakeholders.

• The establishment of other relevant communication channels, such as social media and events, in addition to a website and newsletter. This will allow the project to reach a wider audience and engage with stakeholders in a variety of ways.

• A media and content plan with responsibilities and targets. This plan will ensure that the project’s communication is coordinated and effective.

• Key language and argumentation for each target group, including FAQs. This will help to ensure that the project’s communication is clear, concise, and persuasive.

• A strong brand and claim. This will help to build awareness of the project and its goals.

the deliverables

January 2024

• Our marketing and communication plan for 2024 is complete, targeting all defined groups in all relevant languages via the established channels.

• We begin measuring our communication effectiveness.

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